Private yoga Testimonials

We thought Yoga would be a passive, soft discipline. Were we wrong. The moves flow one into the other with ease but they go deep within the body to develop strength and flexibility. As mature students–though healthy and fit–we wondered whether Jenny, so young, would be able to work with bodies having age limitations. Once we studied with her we knew we had an excellent Yoga teacher. She is very knowledgeable about the human body and Yoga. AND she observes you carefully to see that you move properly. ALSO she LISTENS! If something is causing distress, she immediately recommends an adjustment. She doesn’t push you to do what your body is not able to do, but yet finds ways to move you forward to develop your body fully from the stage you are at. We never thought that our mature bodies would be able to do the positions we are now doing under Jenny’s direction.

Marie and Vicki

Jenny Gammello has been my Yoga Instructor for almost 2 years now and I have been doing yoga for almost 10 years. She literally has changed my life…mentally, physically, and spiritually. The words I would use to describe her won’t even do her justice until you meet her. She has an amazing soul. Her energy is powerful, yet compassionate, and you can not help but be affected positively by her. My yoga practice has changed dramatically since I met her. I would HIGHLY recommend Jenny to any person, any personality, because I know they will all love her and appreciate her hard work and dedication to them. And, I have to say, that my body is the best it has ever looked!

Sheri Golden